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In today’s time, when whole world is connecting through internet and making all the businesses as cut-throat competitions, no business owners can ignore the importance of Advertisements. Advertisements have become one of the most important parts of ones’ business plan. Even so that many companies make the largest share of the budget spend on advertisements for all types of products.

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Advertisements can be of many types, such as:

  • Print Advertisement
  • TV Advertisement
  • Social Media Advertisement
  • Out-Of-Home Advertisement
  • Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertisement

With so many different methods available to a businessman, it is becoming a question of the century, like which method takes precedence over others, which ones are more suitable for a particular product, how much one should spend on a particular advertising method, and similarly much more.

For getting answers for these questions, one must analysis all of the mentioned different Advertisement Methods. So, let start from the first one;

Print Media
Print media, one of the oldest means for advertisement. It is still effectively used for promoting a product, but a lot of attention needs to be given on which magazines and newspapers to be targeted, for targeting the interested audience in cost effective manner. As all the magazines, targeted newspapers, and association newsletters have content that is read by an audience of people who are interested in that topic. Your advertisement in that medium can reach people who want to learn more about your subject. And they are more likely to purchase your book.Well this used to be the case before internet, as the new generation can easily search for similar product with better quality and price. So unless ones product beats all the odds in quality and price, one can only pray the consumer’s net is down. So the question is what to do?

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Television Advertisement
Todays, one of the most effective medium for advertisement is television, which can target audience from the age group of 3 yrs. old to the age group of 70+ yrs. But, the biggest obstacle for such an amazing method is its ‘cost’. Ads on television sets are most effective and target the largest number of audience, but the making charges for a half minute ad and its publishing charges on showing it on a good TRP timeslot of a channel, makes it a method reserved for only big enterprises only.

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Social Media
One of the latest trends for advertising ones product is definitely Social Media. It is one of the cheapest and easier methods to reach to a bigger audience. But, the question arises

  • Whether it reaches to its targeted audience or not?
  • Did it actually helped in increasing the sales or not?

Because though it is being used widely, there is still no actual analysis on its impact on increase in sales and some experts even say that though it help in promotion of a product but finding the targeted audience on net is still a challenge for IT companies.

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Out-Of-Home(OOH) Advertisement

The oldest and still one of the most effective method for advertisement is Out-Of-Home Advertisement. Be it the shop’s name banner above the main gate of the shop or street banners placed in the nearby local market or at the targeted locations for targeting a particular audience, it is still the most effective medium to increase the sales of a product and there are reports which support these claims. There are many different methods to do OOH Advertisement, such as;

  • By placing the banners/hoardings at good strategic locations,
  • Distributing pamphlets at correct places,
  • Organizing events,
  • Promoting once product in different seminars and exhibitions.
  • Digital-Out-Of-Home Advertisement
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Through such efforts on a regular basis, one is able to promote even a new product made by unknown company and achieve good sales report. As advertising products in nearby market area, targets the audience which are looking for shopping similar products in that market at that particular time, which makes these tactics super-efficient. But, these methods are also getting old and their effectiveness is also reducing as compared to a decade or two. And the reason behind it is the new trend of ‘Digitization’.

In todays’ world, one cannot expect a customer coming into a shop, after reading a banner, to only get information about some different products. Today when all the information, whether it is about a popular brand or a local shop product, is available on net, every customer wants to get all the information about the different products in least amount of time, so that he/she may get maximum no. of product information to compare. And this is just not possible with banners, hoarding or pamphlets, as there is a limited space for a huge amt. of information to display.

Digital-Out-Of-Home(DOOH) Advertisement

As we have seen that OOH Advertisement is super-efficient, we have also noticed its limitation of providing the entire product’s information in best way possible. To do-away with such limitations and keeping up with the latest trend, DOOH Advertisement is providing a solution to reenergize the old OOH Advertisement methods.
While TV and Print advertising budgets continue to shrink, Outdoor Advertising is the only traditional ad format that is still growing (at a healthy 2.7% in 2017).

Decision-makers in the sector are under pressure to innovate and hold on tight to their market share against other forms of advertising that may be easier to prove and communicate return-on-investment (ROI).

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The hype at the moment is all about Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) and going programmatic. Predictions show that Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) will account for 39% of total revenues in the Outdoor Advertising sector by 2019 and leaders in the space recognize that the effective use of location data is fundamental in achieving a shift from static to more dynamic Outdoor Advertising. As we have seen some of the amazing facts about DOOH Advertisement, now let’s see some of the different scenarios to utilize DOOH Advertisement at its maximum potential, such as;

  • Branded products promotion
  • Local shop products promotion
  • Malls
  • Cinema Theatres
  • Big Localities
  • Events & Seminars
  • Government schemes promotion
  • And much more.

DOOH Advertisement can even help a society in modernization of its citizens’ life-style and bring them up to a level where they can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other peoples.

One such product is developed by our VSwank Technologies , named as Swanky App, which can address any type of customer’s advertisement problem and provide a complete solution. Through this App, one can create and advertise an Ad in real time, using minimal amount of time, expense & effort.

Today’s DOOH Advertisement solutions provide with latest LED displays in which one must create an Ad which could be shown through these display devices. But Swanky app, first of its kind, provides a complete solution for customer’s all advertisement problems in the most efficient and inexpensive manner.

Through this app, one can advertise his/her products by creating his own Ad showcasing all of his products’ qualities through the App’s feature of ‘Ad Creation Studio’ in a matter of minutes and deploy it from anywhere in the world on ones’ private screens or on any of the public screens provided by the VSwank Technologies. By showing one’s Ad through this app, one is able to utilize the benefits of latest technologies available in the world.

Swanky Biz App’s deployment is very easy. One simply has to use our mobile app (from anywhere in the world) to create & push their Ads onto the screens and monitor & control all of his display devices, which would even handle all of ones’ advertisement expenses through a very simplified user interface. And that’s it, “All of your Advertisement Problems are solved”.

Through one App, one can capitalise on all the local, state, national and even international advertising opportunities available. As, DOOH opens doors that traditional techniques cannot, unlocking new revenue streams and boosting ones’ brand recognition and reputation, one simply can’t ignore the knock on the door of this amazing app like DOOH technologies.

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