Augmented Reality : The Reality Of Our Future  

World is getting Compact. Yes, Compact. There was once a time when there were big telephones and then came mobile phones which were compact and afterwards came smartphones which were more compact. But question is what next?

Well, the next stage would be more compacter than today’s compact smartphones. The next stage would be of "Augmented Reality (AR)" which would provide an experience like never before. As just with the help of some gadgets like specs, we would be able to utilize the features of today’s smartphones into thin air and much more. It would help us to unite the virtual world of computers with the real world.

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Augmented Reality is sure to transform the world. Just how drastically will only become clear in the coming months and years, but big companies are already using it to great effect, and investing heavily in this relatively new technology to create new experiences for the users, particularly in the video game industry. The headsets are yet to be as ubiquitous as smartphones, tablets, or even smart watches, but that’s to be expected when the tech is still so young, with some iteration yet to be launched. The manufactures of the headsets for AR are huge, though, which is giving marketers the confidence to invest in using the tech as a potential advertising tool.

There is another field similar to this one, which is "Virtual Reality (VR)". Here also one interacts with another reality, but by fully immersing in it. Due to which many of the IT experts have shown their dislike or lesser confidence with virtual reality as compared to augmented reality where some of the augmented reality objects are shown in real world in a manner that the user is able to fully utilize all the best features from both the worlds.

Some brands have already used this to great effect, making things seem truly interactive and, well, real. This in itself, is impressive, and like VR, really immerses the user. What makes it potentially more interesting is that one is able to enjoy the daily courses of his life in a more excited manner. In this mix world, one is able to manipulate and play with the space around him.

Some of its impacts on following markets :

  • Entertainment
    Augmented Reality has a major impact on entertainment industry. Due to its ability of show object in thin air, it is currently playing a major role in creating movies with animation. It is definitely a field of prosperous future and hence, recommended for students studying animation.

  • Marketing
    It is another field where AR has bright future. Though currently the effects of AR can’t be seen in daily life easily, but still all the major and small IT companies have their sight on this industry and the future prospects of AR in marketing a product. One of such company working on it is VSwank.

  • Print Media
    Though one can say that print media is on its downfall in this digital world. But here also AR can play a major role in it. By showing simple animations in the magazine, one can regain their past customers and move shoulder-to-shoulder with today’s digital media.

  • Education
    It is another unexplored field where AR can play a major role. Though today there are some talks about digitization of education, but it is mainly about e-learning. But through AR, one can transform the whole education system by showing the students a new 3D experience and practical of all the theoretical laws of science.

  • Daily Life
    Finally, AR has a major advantage in becoming a part of everyone’s life, even more than today’s smartphones. By integrating with the real world, AR can revolutionised the whole world and give its users a new world where one is connected with internet literally all the time. One, while travelling through any transport vehicle, can explore literally anything and utilize the true benefit of today’s digital world.

As one can see from some of the shown examples, one can easily say that "Augmented Reality" is going to be the new reality of our future.

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